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Soap Socks

Soap Socks


These soap socks are a multi-layer mesh cylinder into which you can place full-sized bars of soaps, slivers of soaps, or anything in-between.

After placing the soap bar or slivers into the bag, pull the cord to tighten the drawstring. Press the spring-loaded button on the bead and draw it down to the opening of the bag and release. Now your soap is securely contained within the soap sock.

The multiple layers of mesh help to create an abundance of lather, while gently exfoliating your skin.

The cord allows you to rinse the soap in cold water (our recommendation) and hang it up to dry between uses.

Size is approximately 6.5" x 1.5" (when empty, laying flat).

available in various colors

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    Due to the nature of handcrafted products, the item you receive may vary slightly in design than those shown in the product photos.

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